Naxos airport has daily departures to Athens. If you are about to depart from Naxos island and you are looking for information regarding your booked flight and its status, check our live table below. The table has all the information you will need.


Starting from the first column, you get information about the Flight number, which is also found on your boarding pass. The carrier name is also listed. Please note carrier names Olympic Air and Aegean Airlines are the same company, but they are shown as duplicate flights for informational purposes. The next column shows the destination. Most of the times it is Athens, as their airport is international and connects Greece with the rest of the world. Departure time is also listed. This value is the scheduled time announced by the respective Airline company. In case of flight changes or delays, you can retrieve the respective information from the Status column on the far right of the table. Different statuses are "Scheduled", "landed", "delayed".