Naxos Airport

Welcome to Naxos Airport. With an IATA code of JNX (ICAO: LGNX), Naxos Airport connects Naxos, the largest Cycladic island, with Athens, the capital of Greece. Despite its small size, Naxos Airport is serving more than 90000 passengers per year. According to the official statistics of 2018, Naxos Airport served 86.210 passengers with 2420 aircraft movements. It is located 3km outside of Naxos center (Chora), and only 1 km from Agios Prokopios. With a runway length of less than 1 km, the airport is able to serve smaller 50-seater aircrafts only. The 2 main airlines getting advantage of the airport are Olympic/Aegean Air and Sky Express. Both are trusted Greek airlines, and they connect the island of Naxos with daily flights from Athens.


Whether you are planning your arrival in Naxos by flight, or you are already in the island and looking for information regarding the airport of Naxos, you are at the right place. On our Flights page, you get access to live tables of Naxos airport arrivals and departures. To learn more about the transportation options of the airport, as well as tips on getting a taxi, go to our Transportation and Car Hire page. If your questions haven't been answered, you are more than invited to use our contact phone numbers. Calling at those numbers, you will connect with our airport representatives, who will assist you accordingly.


The Facilities of Naxos airport are basic. It is equipped with a single 200m^2 terminal. Being completely white-colored, the terminal follows the same architecture guideline like the rest of the buildings on the island. Inside, you can find a duty free shop, and a cafeteria serving cold/hot drinks and snacks. The cafeteria shares the same opening hours schedule as the airport.


We also prepared a Naxos travel guide with things to do, local recommendations and tips. Make sure to read it in order to make your stay in Naxos unforgettable!


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naxos terminal

P.C. 84300, NAXOS

Telephone no.: +30 2285 024816
Fax: +30 22850 - 24816
Telex: 293212 LGNX GR

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